how it works

Custom Tattoo Design offers a unique service that  includes
  • Your own Custom Designer. We allow you 100% input throughout the design process,
  • unlimited alterations until you’re happy with the design
  • full money back guarantee
  • see the tattoo design on your body before you get it

Do you have an amazing design idea or maybe an existing tattoo that you hate and really want covered? if so Custom tattoo design can take all of your ideas and bring them to life. 

We will assign your idea to the best artist for your design style and needs, you can review your design at anytime and make any alterations needed. Once the final piece is complete and you are 100% happy with your design we then create the stencil to your final design ideas. Our designers also have a graphic layover system that allows you to see the design on your body before you get it. 

When you are happy to finalise the process we send your tattoo design and stencil to you in the size that you require via email. You can print your design and stencil from any printing company or A3 size printer, these are to be taken to your chosen tattooist to then be transferred onto your skin. 

If you would like to start today please explain all your design ideas and upload any example images you may have via our contact page. 

You can also send over your design description and reference images via our facebook or twitter page if this is more suitable for you