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  1. Hi, I have a tribal print on my arm that I’m desperate to rid of. I live in London. Is there an specialist artist I can see and book in with?

  2. Hi there. So I have three purple roses on my wrist of my right arm and I do still love them and want to keep them but they definitely need to be worked on. I got these roses to cover up the word peace that I had got done when I was young and dumb haha anyway so I got the roses to cover that and well I can still see the letters underneath it 🙁 and I’d love to one day be able to fix that promblem and finall have it covered right and hopefully think of a way to add to what I have but I am not sure what to get and add on that would work and look good.

    1. We provide an online service that allows you to create your perfect tattoo design & stencil. Just describe the size, concept and all your ideas then we create the design. You can have your idea altered in anyway throughout the process until you are 100% happy with your finished piece. We also have a graphic lay over system that allows you to see the design on your body before you finalise the process.

      Please explain all your design ideas and upload any example images you may have via our email address [email protected] We hope to hear from you soon.


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