how it works

custom tattoo design offers a unique service that  includes
  • Your own Custom Designer. We allow you 100% input throughout the design process,
  • unlimited alterations until your happy with the design
  • full money back guarantee        

8 thoughts on “how it works”

    1. the cost to create a full sleeve design is varies in price, usually £35.00 deposit to start, we take the remaining £35.00 when your happy with your final tattoo idea, keep in mind you can have your design altered at anytime. Once the final piece is complete and you are 100% happy with your design we can then create your tattoo stencil. We also have a graphic lay over system that allows you to see the design on your body before we finalise the process. Thanks

    1. Hi Martha just explain all your design ideas in as much detail as possible, you can also upload any example images or sketches you may have via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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